Au Sable Vizslas

Vizslas are originally from Hungary. Bred to follow the Magyar hunters on horse back, they have an amazing stamina. They do require a good deal of exercise & play. "A tired Vizsla is a happy Vizsla". The Vizsla is one of the oldest known breeds, dating back at least to the 10th century. They are a wonderful companion for an active family. The only thing that Vizslas love more than running & playing, is having a lap to curl up on to take a nap. Vizslas do require a consistent training program as a puppy, however their intelligence makes training both a joy & sometimes a frustration. A misbehaving Vizsla is invariably a bored and/or inactive Vizsla. They do tend to test their owners, to see if the rules really do apply to them, all of the time. But once the rules, boundaries & expectations are understood by a Vizsla, you will have one of the most amazing animals as a friend & companion. 

We have a litter on the ground with a few spots available for deposits. Contact us today for more information.

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